Stocks managed a small gain.  Gold and Silver look strong - it did not hurt that the ECB or one of those European government agencies suggested that Germany pledge its gold reserves against future money printing/bonds (Germans aren't that stupid) and it is possible that they will "allow" gold to float  higher as Italy may not have any choice but to pledge its gold reserves.  So... the higher the price gold is the better that deal will look.
Everything points to continued decoupling of the world from Europe and thus stocks moving up but I can't help thinking we have a few more bad news items that could shock the market, so for now I am staying clear.
The temptation to liquidate some EUO and move into AGQ is very strong as it is depressing to see intervetion keeping the lid on EUO but I still think the dollar is in for a big bounce so EUO is where I will continue to stay for now.

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