The Gold/Silver ratio has narrowed from around 56:1 a few weeks ago to 48:1.  In December there was a chance of a squeeze that was interrupted by the MF Global failure.  Many people believe one reasons MF was allowed to fail is that it handed over around a Million ounces of client silver to JP Morgan as well as cash held by clients who intended to take delivery of silver on Comex.  This time around it looks as if the longs are set to try again.  It wouldn't surprise me if "they" ( if the US Government dba JP Morgan and HSBC ) take the stock market down and silver in the process to disrupt a March silver squeeze.  One of the main differences between Gold and Silver is that Central Banks own a lot of gold - so they have the means to supress prices.  India and China own silver but the rest of the world Central Banks do not and so it isn't as easy for them to play games.

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