As one commentator said.... " they had to do something to counteract the multiple bank downgrades yesterday evening".  They did this via massive FED liquidity injections into Europe.  The reports say the Banks of England, Canada and Japan all intervened too but they are all just a conduit for the FED and a massive printing of US Dollars.  This bodes badly for our future.  We have a congress of both parties that are not willing to make the tough decisions and a President who is in bed with the banks, who in turn are writing the rules to enable them to steal everything but the kitchen sink.  November has been a tough month compared to October when I made around a 50 % return and without a clear vision my trades have tended to be defensive.  I am glad I sold out of EUO yesterday.  For now, until I see a move, YCS is my only position and it is a small one.  The Dollar is no longer a safe place to hide but I think it will be stronger than the Yen.

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