The market is strong today based on a rubbish Greece deal and a general expectation that the Non Farm Payrolls will be a good number "because" the BLS will make up what ever it wants to fit the picture.  If the number is bad it will be a disaster for the market.   Everyone knows it is all smoke and mirrors but they think they can get out in time when the music stops.   If the number is good I intend to sell into the rally.  I still think the big banks are stuck in a huge short gold and silver position and by all accounts their bear raids are being met by huge physical buying.  They have been able to get by with manipulating the metals for years because they control the paper markets but in the end it is physical supply that controls things and they are fast losing control of physical Silver at least because there is no government stock pile the dealers can borrow from.  The only way I can see that they have a chance to shake some physical supply loose is to scare the heck out of everyone and the only way I see they can do this is a a 1,000 or more  drop in the Dow.  A huge drop followed by an equally fast rally wouldn't hurt the Presidents re-election chances.  I am looking to buy gold and silver if we do get a sell off here because this is about the last time we will see prices this low until they reform the system and knock a few zero's of the currency.

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