TYH behaved well today.  Silver and Gold were hammered by the bankers in the off hours when few people are trading.  Later in the day they recovered most of their losses.  I am going to take profits in TYH tomorrow morning in what I anticipate will be a higher opening as Europe still has not solved their problems - so.. we may well see another test of the lows.  It would be good if we could see a final capitulation of the longs as this would represent a good buying opportunity.  I still have a nominal position in AGQ which is offside and TYH has done well over the last day or so.  A blogger I respect is looking to short the Japanese Yen but I am still not sure of that trade as there was a significant move of speculators from being short the Dollar to now being long the Dollar.  I am looking to take back long positions in Gold and Silver as well as stocks.

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