FAZ closed a little above where I purchased it and gained a little more after the close.  When you consider that it was not long ago that FAZ traded above 70 it has dropped a considerable distance i.e. confidence in the soundness of our crooked wall street gangs has improved dramatically.  What has changed : No financial reform - the world is still awash with debt - while it might be possible to argue the US is picking up based on probably false employment reports there is no doubt that Europe and China have slowed - dry goods shipping keeps falling - GM et keep flooding their dealers with unsold cars - Greece  next Portugal or Spain followed by Ireland have to default and we have not even started to talk about the UK which is probably the most indebted country of all  --- IN A NUTSHELL nothing has changed the world is still a mess.  The best way for President Obama to be re-elected ( other than watch one fool republican argue with another on TV every week ) is to have a higher stock market and guess what - that has been what we have been getting.  Fading the market when the government may be the other side of the trade is probably stupid so I am keeping stops close to my position and lets see what happens.  We aren't living in a real world.
10/6/2013 11:45:29 pm

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