From here on everything is an outright toss up, so I have sold my EUO with a good profit.  I have a small position in ZSL .  The market is clearly expecting a major ECB stimulus next week.  The problem is that it takes time to agree a solution and if one were that easily found they would have already found it.  Germany is not going to put up with financing a bunch of lazy non taxpaying economies.  So .. anything can happen and it is best to watch from the sidelines.  I am staying short silver beacause if everything does lock up, silver will tank.  The risk, and this is why it is going up today, is where do you put your money as all the currencies are at risk.  The problem to that is if there is no agreement in Europe and its financial markets lock up there will be a lot of people looking for liquidity and that means they will have to sell assets.  Silver is a very small market in financial terms and thus very volatile.  The only reason I am staying with ZSL is that it has been a good week and I am playing with the market's money.

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