I have followed silver since I first went to work for Merrill Lynch in the 1970's.  At one time I was their European Specialist and as part of this job I would fly to Dubai and meet with the dealers who shipped silver from India to London vis Dubai.  I may not know many things but I know Silver.  Read this article: 
It may not be completely accurate but it is close.  There is a huge short position in silver as there is in gold.  The difference is that governments all over the world own a lot of gold.  THEY DO NOT OWN MUCH SILVER - except perhaps China.  Most people are not aware that there is actually more gold in the world than there is silver.  The current differential is 51:1 in favour of gold. The differential should be nearer to 15:1.  We may never see that differential because unlike humans governments of some kind live for ever and they have a big investment in gold.  Having said that silver is a critical component of modern technology and will be increasingly consumed.  IF you ever want to leave a gift for your grand children SILVER would be it !

There is a high probability that the silver manipulation using SLV will last many years.  If you look at the Sprott's fund in Canada it trades at a premium of around 20% to the silver market - because it is fully convertible.  This is the real price of silver.  I fully expect over the years ahead to see SLV and other exchange funds trade at an increasing discount to physical silver.

I am not a big fan of Federal market manipulation it will all end badly.  I am a big fan of Silver Eagles and even Gold Eagles.  They are minted by the US Government and as opposed to much of the rest of government they are HONEST.

If you buy Eagles you should not buy numismatic coins and you should not buy them to trade.  You buy them as a legacy for your grandchildren.  This is one of the best things you could ever do !

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