As I have talked about - JPM et al need to keep a lid on Gold and Silver and today they did.  Gold dropped $ 80 and Silver $ 2.50 in a matter of minutes.  This is pure and illegal manipulation that would appear to  be approved by the regulators and FED.  When ever they do this they knock prices to the new floor that is being set by China.  China controls the floor because they buy physicals not paper and these downward manipulations end badly because we ( the US ) end up exporting all our physical metals to Asia.  The Chinese see us debase our currency and protect themselves by setting up a long term corner on Gold, Silver and to a degree Copper.  They encourage their citizens to buy metals - our government doesn't .  Instead it wants us to hold worthless paper.  If ever there was proof of a dishonest financial system it is these sanctioned manipulations that will fail in the end.  If you own Gold or Silver and have it in your posession these fluctuations don't matter as much.  Stocks haven't dropped and they need Gold and Silver even lower so that they can cover millions of ounces of shorts that they put on over the last week or two - so I think they have to break stocks.  Who knows what will happen ? - except a few people at the center of power who have access to unlimited government money for their own gain.

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