They say that when the "shoe shine boy" starts giving stock picks that it is time to get out of the market.  Over the last few days I have had several people who I would put into that category tell me they are going to buy gold and that the dollar will be devalued and that there will be a QE 3.  They might be right but the herd is usually wrong.  I have sold a little of my core gold and silver position on this move up.  The next week or so could see some surprises so I have reduced my exposure.

I am still short the Euro and long the Dollar.  There is a 2% risk I am willing to take and I see a 12% potential profit.  There is no question that the Fed is trying to keep the dollar weak but if Europe becomes chaotic the dollar short squeeze will be enormous.  I am long EUO at these levels and a little higher so the trade is offside at the moment.
10/3/2013 03:53:15 pm

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