There seems to be no good news anywhere,  Europe has't corrected its problems.  Business here (unless you are Google) on the basic levels seems to have slowed even further.  We are about to enter another high tension political confrontational time.  The mobs are loose in the parks and cities ( it is Washington they need to go after as well as the bankers) .... BUT the stock market keeps going up.  This could be a repeat of 2009 when the Plunge Protection Team bid up stocks for six months but we are at the top of a trading range and the risk is still to the downside.  I am going to be putting on short positions with a stop a little above the market.  This is the type of trade that risks losing  a little and making a lot very suddenly.  A number of chartists talk about 1220 as an important pivot point on the S & P so the PPT may try to push it through that point to trigger buy stops and fake everyone out.  So for me shorts in this area and up to 1230 on the S & P is a calculated risk.  Next week if we trade above 1230 I will cover shorts.  This trade may not make money but on an odds basis it is a perfect point to take a position.

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