A market that goes down 600 points one day and up 400 the next on the promise of continued FED easing until after the 2012 elections doeasn't bode well for our future.  Our government is run by wall street and lobyists. The population at large is being increasingly marginalized.  It is hard enough for the youth and minorities of this country who still have a basic respect for law and order to remain passive with such a bleak future  - they won't for much longer.  The fuse has been lit and when the gunpowder explodes it will affect all of us.  Britain is in the headlines now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzDQCT0AJcw&feature=youtu.be   France, Italy and Spain are not far behind.  In the meantime governments continue to manipulate interest rates and the stock markets around the world in a frantic effort to buy enough time for the banks to transfer their bad debts over to the tax payers - they will win for a time but in the end they will make things worse..  All the bad debts around the world need to be renegotiated and the banks must stop trading for their own accounts.  Until this happens and until governments stop protecting their wall street friends we are going to see more up and downs with the net result that few people will know the proper value of anything. 

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