Over the last twenty years or so it has paid the US to have a weak dollar and export manufacturing jobs abroad because there was enough domestic employment demand from service, banking and other sources.
As we approach leaner times it is clear that we need new sources of employment and that can only come from bringing manufacturing jobs back home.  People argue that to compete in the world export market we need a "cheap" dollar.  That is true if the focus is on exports but the US economy is so large and the recession has been so bad that our economy could probably expand for several years just on domestic demand - which of course will only be there if people are employed and have money to spend.  If this takes hold you can see the US move towards a more protectionist and "Fortress America" stance and make it difficult for foreign manufacturers to compeat in our domestic market.  A strong dollar enables us to buy raw materials more cheaply.
Here is a good article on other reasons why the dollar could become very strong:

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