Latest gossip is that the new stimulus will be $ 400 Billion instead of $ 300 Billion.  The issue at hand will be.. does the President understand the issue or will he be more focused on his re-election.
You have to be very tough to become President and without exception the associated power tends to remove a person from the day to day tribulations the rest of us face.  This President has evidenced a peevish side :  Shortly after assuming power he returned a bust of Winston Churchill to the Brits and has seemingly kept his distance  - is this due to his antagonism towards the former "colonial powers' and no doubt his father's experience?  He might be right on this but for better or worse Kenya could have had Germany, Italy, Portugal or Heaven help them Belgium as a colonial power all of whom treated their colonial populations more harshly - people forget that at that time Africa was considered to be a political void that one or other of the great powers would fill.  More recently:  Texas, a state he definitely doesn't seem to like, was not given a shuttle - petty but pointed.  Where I am headed with this is that if his plans are not well received, we could well see the Nation punished by a big sell off in the stock market - perhaps he doesn't have this power .  For sure, all his advice comes from bankers on Wall Street who depend on continued stimulus and how do you get stimulus ?  - you make things look bad.
So stocks are at risk here and I am staying clear.  Gold and Silver could rally if the stimulus looks inflationary but I would add back some of the ZSL I sold yesterday if that happens.  In the meantime, while they may keep a lid on the Dollar for a while the trend is up and EUO I am staying with.

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