.......about the person who fell off the roof of a high rise building who remarked " I am OK so far" as he fell past the fourth floor.  Our situation is no different.  One of the best people to articulate our current situation is Martin Armstrong and here is the link to what he wrote today http://armstrongeconomics.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/armstrongeconomics-foundation-stones-out-of-global-system-081111.pdf
If you already hold a position in Gold or Silver you should stay with it even if they manage to knock the market.  Silver is a little stronger than Gold at present because the stock market is moving up and Silver is a better fair weather performer than Gold.  Large speculative long positions held by hedge funds are focused in Gold while Silver has largely been ignored since the maniplated shake out earlier this year. The differential between the two metals moved out to nearly 47:1 last weak and has since started to narrow again to 44.5:1.  In the very short term Silver may outperform Gold but when the storm comes in Gold will be stronger as it is held by and supported by governments.
Surprisingly, I also think being long the dollar is a good trade.  UUP or EUO depending on your type of trading.  Most of the pundits have talked about the Dollar going to nothing.  It may be in bad shape but most other currencies are in worse shape.  Soon I will do a deal on why I think the Dollar will be strong and why I think we will soon

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